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Letters to Santa & Letters from Santa

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How to Write a Letter to Santa

Start a new Christmas tradition and add magic to your child’s holiday by sending letters to Santa and from Santa.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

Letters to Santa

Your child can begin with some questions for Santa:

- How is Santa feeling?
- How is Mrs. Claus?
- The reindeer?
- The elves?
- How is the weather at the North Pole?
- Has Santa been checking his naughty/nice list?

Your child can share some of the nice things they did this year:

- was kind to siblings
- tried new foods
- shared their toys
- showed good manners
- got good grades
- was nice to pets

It’s also a nice touch to thank Santa for last year’s gifts.

Now your child can list the things he or she would like for Christmas. Your child can add that they hope that Santa will enjoy the milk and cookies and reindeer feed you’re leaving out for them.

A good closing would include a “thank you” and a wish for a Merry Christmas!

Add a stamp and some stickers and mail it to the North Pole.

Letters from Santa

If you really want to surprise and delight your child, have Santa write a response. You can do this by choosing one of our printable Santa Letter templates and writing a letter back to your child from Santa.

- Santa can confirm that he received their list.

- Santa can answer the questions your child asked and repeat some very nice thing he heard about the child.

- Santa can add that he’s looking forward to landing at the house on Christmas Eve and having the milk and cookies.

- Be sure to include a “Ho Ho Ho! Merry Christmas!”

You can deliver the letter from Santa to your child in several ways:

- You can slip it under your child’s pillow, explaining that it went through a special elf delivery service.

- You can roll it up and tie it with a ribbon and leave it for your child to find.

- You can mail it to your child yourself, if your child is too young to understand postmarks.

- You can have the U.S. Postal Service deliver it by following the directions on their website.