How Do You Want to Send a Digital Gift Card?

We offer two convenient ways to send a digital gift card with one of our greetings. In both sending options, recipients will get their gift electronically in a matter of minutes (no shipping address required)! Plus, they're activated and ready to spend, so they can treat themselves to a delicious meal, a thrilling movie or maybe some retail therapy that very day!

sending with ecard

Sending with an Ecard

More choices, more fun, great for members!

  • Choose your ecard, then select your digital gift card.
  • Send the ecard and digital gift card via email or social media.
  • Choose from 1,000+ ecards, including NEW SmashUps™ and Creatacards™, personalized to your recipient.
Sending a virtual card

Sending with a Virtual Card

Fast & easy for non-members!

  • Choose your digital gift card, then select a virtual greeting card.
  • Send the digital gift card and virtual greeting card via email.
  • Choose from an assortment of our best virtual greeting cards, personalized with messages and photos.

Send an Ecard & Add a Digital Gift Card

Blue Mountain members not only have access to unlimited ecards, but the ability to pick out and pair a digital gift card with each greeting. Here's how to add a virtual gift card to your ecard:

  • Search from 1,000+ Blue Mountain ecards, SmashUps™ and Creatacards™ and select the perfect one for their next birthday, holiday or celebration.
  • Customize your ecard until it's just right, by adding a photo, personalizing the message, customizing the font style and more.
  • Preview the ecard and attach a digital gift card in the amount of your choice.
  • Choose to send via email, social media or your favorite messaging app.
  • Send now or schedule it for later. (Ecards with digital gift cards can be sent up to a year in advance.)

Send a Digital Gift Card & Add a Virtual Card

With this option, you will choose a gift card first and add a virtual card. It's a great choice if you are not a member and just want to send a digital gift card. Here's how the "gift card first" option works:

  • Pick a digital gift card first and choose from a selection of virtual greeting cards.
  • Customize your virtual greeting with a photo, personal message and your signature, just like a paper card.
  • Preview the greeting and attach it to the digital gift card you selected.
  • Enter your payment information to purchase the gift card.
  • Send the digital gift card and virtual card via email.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Digital Gift Card?

Digital gift cards (a.k.a., electronic gift cards, egift cards, virtual gift cards) contain codes that are redeemable for a dollar amount at designated retailers. You can add a digital gift card to any ecard — it will show up as a clickable link within your greeting. Gift receivers won't have to worry about losing a physical gift card or forgetting to bring it along on a shopping trip. If they have access to their phone or the internet, then they can enjoy your digital gift card!

How Do I Use a Digital Gift Card?

When your recipient opens their ecard and clicks on the link, the digital gift card will be displayed. When shopping online, they will type out the card number and pin during the checkout process. The amount of the gift will be deducted from the total purchase.

How Will I Know My Gift Card Was Received?

You'll receive a message that your virtual gift card and virtual greeting card are on the way, plus a confirmation email. Your gift recipient will also receive an email letting them know that they've received a gift card and a virtual card or ecard from you, with links to pick up their gift and open their card.

How Will the Recipient Know How to Use the Gift Card?

They'll receive instructions on how to use their digital gift card to shop online, save for later or use it in the store. They can even exchange their gift card for any of our retail partners!

Can You Use a Digital Gift Card In-store?

If they decide to spend your digital gift card in the store, they'll need to provide the bar code or card number and pin to the cashier. They could pull up the link on their phone, take a screen shot of the digital gift card ahead of time or print it from home before shopping!

Can I See What Gift Cards I Have Sent?

You'll have access to your order history in your account if you are a member of Blue Mountain.

What Is the Cost of the Service?

For members, our gift service is completely free! You pay only for the amount on the digital gift card. For guests, you pay for the digital gift card, plus a $1.99 processing fee.

How Many Gift Cards Can I Send?

Blue Mountain members can treat as many people to gift cards as they like! Choose one ecard, add a digital gift card and send to multiple recipients! Checking off gift lists for holidays, graduations and other special occasions will be a whole lot easier.

Wow, you read this entire page? You're going to be awesome at sending digital gift cards! Let's do this!