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What are Ecards?

What are Ecards?

Ecards are like greeting cards come to life with motion, sound and thousands of images and messages.

  • • Choose from birthdays to anniversaries, holidays, and more
  • • Personalize your ecard with a thoughtful message
  • • Text, email or post on social media
  • • Attach a digital gift card
What are SmashUps?

What are SmashUps™?

SmashUps™ are fun, personalized digital greetings that call out your friends and family by their first name through the magic of video and animation.

  • • Choose from your favorite celebrities
  • • Looking for a name? Type in whatever name you'd like with our "Type Any Name" SmashUps
  • • Use AI generator for personalized messages
  • • New and improved voices on your favorite Talking SmashUps
  • • Upload a photo for a personalized Selfie SmashUp
What are Creatacards?

What are Creatacards?

Creatacard™ is a customizable, virtual greeting card experience that allows you to send birthday, seasonal or everyday wishes to friends and family digitally or as a print-at-home greeting card.

  • •Add Choose from an assortment of animated cards
  • • Select from a collection of Creatacards that play music when opened
  • • Add multiple photos or a video to your card
  • • Attach a digital gift card

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