You've Enriched Our Lives Mother's Day Printable Cards

You've Enriched Our Lives

Cover Verse:

You're a
to Both of Us
What gives beauty
and meaning
to life
is our capacity
for giving to others,
our ability
to experience joy
and to share it
with those around us.

Inside Verse:

On Mother's Day,
we want you to know
how much we appreciate
the special person you are
and the caring things you do.
We want to thank you
for being the kind of person
who puts others first,
and who can always be counted on
for a warm smile,
a word of encouragement,
and a helping hand...

You've enriched our lives
in so many ways,
and we hope you know
how important you are to us
and how much
we both love you.

Happy Mother's Day
Happiness Always
from Dave and Maria