2023 Graduation Cards

Graduation is a proud milestone moment, whether it’s a preschool, kindergarten, 8th grade, high school or college graduation.

Creatacard™ Offers Printable Graduation Cards, Too!

Creatacard™ allows any graduation card to print, perfect for sending in the mail or hand-delivering at a grad party. It’s easy to print your graduation card in a few steps:

  1. 1. Select “Share or Print” at the end of the card-making process and click “Print.”
  2. 2. Then “Add a Gift Card and Print” or “Print Without a Gift Card.”
  3. 3. We’ll help you select the right printer settings before you print.
  4. 4. Then, print! Your perfect greetings will be ready within minutes.

Send free, printable graduation cards today or start a Blue Mountain membership to create and send unlimited graduation cards!