Top Ten Reasons Friendship Printable Cards

Top Ten Reasons

Cover Verse:

Top Ten Reasons
I'm Glad I Have You For a Friend,

10. You'd make a terrifying and
formidable enemy.
9. Having you around makes ME
seem smarter.
8. You don't have cooties.
7. "Friendship is the only cement that
will ever hold the world together."
Woodrow Wilson said that and he
was President... So there!
6. You're a much better conversationalist
than my imaginary friend, Pookah.
5. Compared to you, I don't look too bad.
4. You smell April fresh.
3. Did I mention having you around
makes me seem smarter?
2. You don't laugh at me...well, not in
the cruel taunting way other people do.

And the number one reason
I'm glad I have you for a friend...

Inside Verse:

1. You're a nice person
and I like you!