Most Special Man in the World Birthday Printable Cards

Most Special Man in the World

Cover Verse:

To My Husband, David

The Most Special Man
in All the World to Me

Inside Verse:

"A good man is hard to find" -
a timeworn phrase, but true -
That's why I feel so fortunate
the man I found was you,
For you have all the qualities
that set a man apart,
Qualities that I've admired
since I gave you my heart -
Honesty and kindness
and generosity -
The way you go beyond mere words
to show your love for me...
The days you make me grateful
with your friendship and your laughter,
The nights you make me sure
I've found my "happily-ever-after..."

I must have made a wish one night
on heaven's luckiest star
To find the perfect man for me
because that's what you are.

Happy Birthday