Our Future Together Anniversary Printable Cards

Our Future Together

Cover Verse:

For My Loving Spouse,

Many anniversaries from now,
when we have been together
for a very long time,
I wonder what it will be like.
Will we share extra blankets
to keep warm?
Count the stars
from our front porch rockers?
Dream older, wiser dreams,
or be contented
with the memories we've made?

Inside Verse:

Of course,
I can't predict the future,
but I'll tell you what I do know -
if we use extra blankets,
I'll still need to hold you close.
If we sit in our rockers,
mine will be right next to yours.
And no matter how old
or wise we become,
I'll still want the feel
of your gentle hand in mine...

I guess what I'm trying to say is,
I look forward
to whatever the future may hold -
as long as my future holds you.

Happy Anniversary