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What do I do if I am not receiving my reminders?

First, please verify that you are not opted out of receiving your reminders. Log into your account go to the "reminders" page. Choose the option for "my preferences" and make sure your reminder preferences are listed under "notifications". If you see "You have opted out of receiving Reminder Notifications" then check the box next to "I would like to receive Reminder Notifications, please!". Then click "save changes". After opting back in again you will need to select your notification preferences for holidays, occasions and custom events and click "save changes" again.

If everything is set up correctly, it is likely that your email client is not permitting you to receive our messages. In order to remedy this situation, please add the following email addresses to the address book associated with your email client (AOL, AT&T, Yahoo, etc.):

Once you have added these addresses, you should receive mail from us. If you still do not see the mail appear in your Inbox, please check your Junk Mail to make sure that the messages are not automatically being routed there.