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Curio Collection

Let your curiosity get the best of you with Curio Collection by Jacquie Lawson! Sure to be your (or a gift recipient's) next favorite game, click through the room of an imaginary world traveler and discover games, puzzles and hidden surprises among their exotic treasures. Play Curio Collection on your PC, Mac, iPad or other tablet for the perfect escape from your daily routine!

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English Garden

Introducing Jacquie Lawson's Garden, an amusing digital experience that invites you (or a gift recipient) to create the garden of your dreams on a PC, Mac or iPad. Featuring delightfully detailed artwork and beautiful music, enjoy growing virtual plants, discovering wildlife and playing fun games. Dig up fun surprises day by day and watch your garden grow!

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Alpine Advent Calendar

Transport yourself to the Swiss Alps this December with the newest digital Advent Calendar by Jacquie Lawson! For twenty-five days, you'll unlock a new numbered Christmas ornament for a magical new experience, including festive games, puzzles and other amusements. Treat yourself or share as a pre-Christmas gift with everyone special!

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What are digital games?

New digital games are available to buy for yourself or for a friend with an ecard. Now available: Explore the imaginative world of Jacquie Lawson with the popular Alpine Advent Calendar, English Garden, or Curio Collection.

English Gardenis a digital experience that invites you to grow the garden of your dreams and play fun games. Curio Collection lets you explore a room full games, puzzles and hidden surprises. And just in time for the holidays, journey to a beautiful Alpine village, where each day unlocks a new game, puzzle and experience for you or anyone on your gift list to enjoy. Purchase the Alpine Advent Calendar today! All offer endless hours of fun!

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