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Send an Ecard & Add a Digital Gift Card

Whether it’s for a friend, family member, co-worker or neighbor, they’re sure to appreciate a digital gift card to one of their favorite places. Even for the hardest people to please, our online gift cards reflect a variety of personal interests, making them as thoughtful as they are useful. You’ll find awesome digital gift cards for a range of recipients, from coffee lovers to sports fanatics and foodies to fashionistas.

Choose from two different ways to send a digital gift card they love by picking the method that works for you:

  1. 1. Attach a digital gift card to your ecard and send them together via email, or
  2. 2. Go to our gift card page and send it separately.

Digital Gift Cards

Frequently Asked Questions About Ecards

What Is An Ecard?

Ecards are like greeting cards that come to life with motion, sound and thousands of images and messages. Also called digital cards or electronic cards, they let you connect in just a few clicks through text, email or social media. Essentially, they take the time-honored tradition of paper-and-ink cards and move the whole party to your desktop, tablet or phone!

If you’re looking for highly customized greetings, we also offer Creatacard™ and SmashUps™. These personalized wishes feature everything from your own photos and video to celebrities who’ll give a shout-out to your friends and family by name!

How Can You Personalize an Ecard?

With your Blue Mountain membership, you can browse cards online and save your favorites for later, so you’ll never miss a birthday, holiday or special occasion. Once you have the perfect greetings picked out, have fun customizing the look and message of each card until it’s just right. You can type a personal message in a font you like and add a favorite photo, too. Then preview your finished card and get ready to make their day!

How Do You Send An Ecard?

It’s easy to send cards online safely, securely and within minutes … all from the comfort of home. When you’re ready to send a virtual card, it’ll get there in minutes whether you choose email, social media post, text or messaging app. With email, you can even schedule a card later, up to a year in advance. Remember, we also have digital gift cards to send with online cards!

Can You Send An Ecard By Phone?

All your favorite ecards are at your fingertips 24/7 from your phone! Whether you access Blue Mountain from your phone’s web browser or download the ecards app, you can personalize and send the perfect greetings any time, from anywhere!

How Much Do Blue Mountain Ecards Cost?

While Blue Mountain offers some free ecards, our premium greetings are only available with a membership. Whether you sign up for a month, year or two-year membership, you’ll get unlimited access to exciting, new ecards, SmashUps™ and Creatacards. We add new content every month! This is in addition to our extensive collection of popular greetings for every holiday and occasion. Enjoy exclusive member benefits, too, such as card scheduling, occasion reminders, an address book and more. Join Blue Mountain today and experience the joy of sending ecards all year!