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Whether you're celebrating that special someone or cherishing a family member this Valentine's Day, make their heart happy with a love letter just for them
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Love is timeless, as are great love letters. Whether you pour out the contents of your heart on Valentine's Day, an anniversary, or "just because," a love letter can give that special someone a beautiful snapshot of your relationship at a given time. Things may have changed from the days where sweethearts traded handwritten declarations of love. Previously, mailmen disguised as Cupid had delivered holiday love letters connecting hearts across the globe. Today, love has gone a little more digital – with love notes sent via email or printed love letters mailed to your special someone. What hasn't changed is that the world has no shortage of love and gratitude for the ones who mean the most to countless beating hearts around the world.

With this sweet sentiment in mind, Blue Mountain is offering specialized love letters for him and her, to show your most adored friends and family just how much they mean to you. As Cupid readies his bow and arrow, to swiftly send along your specialized love letter, let Blue Mountain help you celebrate the wonderful people in your life on Valentine's Day – or any other day that holds special meaning for you as a couple.

Whether you’re sending your love to the boy or girl next door, or if your special someone lives several states away, Blue Mountain has a number of options to help you create the perfect, meaningful love letter. Even if you don't see your beloved very often, let them know they're never far from your thoughts. Use Blue Mountain's long distance love letters to bottle up your heart and send it off to sea, we wish you and yours a Valentine’s Day filled with an infinite amount of love and adoration.