Skating Santa Christmas Printable Cards

Skating Santa

Whether you're typing, word-processing, or writing longhand, the old-fashioned way, personalized stationery is a nice way to express yourself and impress your correspondent.

You'll need: Paper, 8 1/2 x 11 inches. Use plain white paper, colored paper, or preprinted stationery stock.


1. Open the Create & Print Workspace.
2. Personalize the text. Select the text to write over it or change size, color, and font style.
3. Print your project.


Choose a stationery style that fits your mood -- whimsical, happy, serious, etc.

Formal stationery traditionally includes the writer's name and contact information, but don't feel restricted to that. Specially chosen pictures and quotations can make your stationery uniquely yours.

You may want to save your favorite stationery so that you can make more. Click Save and follow the directions.