Ecards : Pre-scheduled Ecards

How to edit a pre-scheduled ecard

As a paid member of, you can use the Sent eCards feature to edit or cancel a pre-scheduled eCard up to 24 hours before the delivery date.

  1. Please sign in to your membership.

  2. Click on the "My Account" button located at the top of any page, then click on the "eCards & Gifts Sent" link.

  3. Locate the greeting you wish to send. The Sent eCards is organized by month. Use the dropdown box at the top of the page to select the month the ecard is to be sent. Under "eCards scheduled to be Sent? Click on "delete" to cancel the eCard.

  4. You will see an edit/cancel option to the right of the entry. Cancel allows you to cancel the delivery of the eCard. Select edit to edit the recipient's e-mail address. If other changes are necessary, please cancel the eCard and recreate it.