For Daughter and "Son" Wedding Printable Cards

For Daughter and "Son"

Cover Verse:

For Our
Daughter and "Son",
Nicole and Michael
With Love
As You
Are Married

Inside Verse:

For Our Daughter...

In our hearts we keep the memories
we'll always have of you,
The sweet times we remember
as you changed and learned and grew.
In our hearts we keep the pride we feel
at what our eyes now see --
A woman who has filled our years
and our lives so happily.

For Our
Daughter and "Son"...

In our hearts we keep the two of you --
our daughter, our new son --
And our wishes that your future
is a bright, fulfilling one.
In our hearts we keep our joy for you,
for as your marriage starts,
There's more love for you than ever
in our thoughts and in our hearts.