With Loving Pride, Daughter Mother's Day Printable Cards

With Loving Pride, Daughter

Cover Verse:

For A Special Daughter With Love
A daughter
is laughter
and good times
to share,
happiness that grows
through the years,
to treasure always.

Inside Verse:

As I look back
on all my favorite memories
of little girl giggles
and childhood innocence,
of family times
and special places,
of things I might have done differently
and those I'd never change...
as I look back on all the ways
you've brought your love
into my life,
I feel so many different emotions,
and I know that even though
you're grown now
with a family of your own,
we'll always and forever
share a special kind of bond...

On Mother's Day
and always,
I hope you know
that time will never change
the love and pride
I feel for you,
and all the happiness
my heart holds
when I see the beautiful person
and mother
you've become.

Happy Mother's Day, Kari