How Fast a Son Grows Up Holidays Printable Cards

How Fast a Son Grows Up

Cover Verse:

To a Wonderful Son,

On His

Where Has
the Time Gone?

Parents seldom realize,
until their son is grown,
The many ways he's
touched their hearts
or how the time
has flown...

Inside Verse:

He learns so much-
too fast, it seems-
you're breathless
from the pace!
Then suddenly
the boy is gone
and who's this in his place?

A young man
filled with more than dreams,
but hope and promise, too,
Facing life on his own terms,
with visions to pursue...

And though
you always trusted
he'd be second-best
to none,
You never knew
how proud you'd be
to say,
"There goes my son."

With Love Always