Very Special Dad Father's Day Printable Cards

Very Special Dad

Cover Verse:

You're Someone Very Special,

"Anyone can be a father,
but it takes a special man
to be a dad."

Inside Verse:

A dad's someone to turn to
When you need a helping hand --
He's someone
you can count on
To advise and understand --
A dad's someone
to laugh with,
Someone kind,
whose smiling face
Convinces you
that no one else
Could ever take his place!

For all your love
and kindness, Dad,
For all your thoughtful ways,
For all your help
and good advice,
For every word of praise,
For doing all the special things
That you find time to do,
This message brings
a world of thanks
And lots of love to you!

Happy Father's Day
from Yvonne