Top 10 List from Dog Father's Day Printable Cards

Top 10 List from Dog

Cover Verse:

For Father's Day,
the Top Ten Ways
You and I Are Alike:

10. We both like to stick our heads
out the car window
and bark at other drivers.

9. There's nothing more comforting
to us than napping in front of the T.V.

8. Others get impatient waiting
for us to finish going potty.

7. We've both been in the doghouse
at one time or another.

6. We make warm, furry bed partners.

5. Sometimes we beg for
extra scraps of food.

4. You fix things - I'm a fixed thing.

3. We both like to sit around
and scratch ourselves.

2. We whine if we're not
let out of the house
to play once in a while.

And the Number One Way You and I Are Alike...

Inside Verse:

1. Given a choice, we'd rather
just lie around and do nothing
but eat and sleep all day.
(I'm up for that if you are!)

Happy Father's Day
From the Dog