Jellybean Psychology Easter Printable Cards

Jellybean Psychology

Cover Verse:

Psychologists have
that the way you eat
Easter jellybeans
can reveal your personality.

If you eat all your favorites
first, you live for the moment
and like instant gratification.

If you save your favorites
for last, you're a
person -- maybe too
self-disciplined --
as you plan for a future
that may never arrive.

Inside Verse:

If you eat them in no particular order,
you take life as it comes.
You make no effort to control
your own destiny.
Perhaps your lackadaisical attitude
has created chaos
in your once contented
and organized life...!

Wait a minute!
Who cares what a bunch
of headshrinkers say?
In fact, why eat jellybeans
when you can go for
the chocolate rabbit?

And have a Happy Easter.