A Wish for Peace 4 x 8 Photo Card Christmas Printable Cards

A Wish for Peace 4 x 8 Photo Card

Photo Cards are a great way to combine your greeting with a favorite photo.

You'll Need: 8.5" x 11" photo paper. Scissors.


  1. Click Personalize and Print Your Project to open the Workspace.
  2. Personalize the text.
  3. Upload your photo then Drag Your Photo to the Add-a-Photo area of the card.
  4. Click Print to send your finished Photo Card greeting to the printer.
  5. To finish, Cut out each photo card.
Note: To maximize the use of your photo paper, two copies of your photo card will print on one sheet of paper.


Print your project on scrap paper first to check the alignment, spelling, and overall look of the project.