Top 10 Kid Reasons Birthday Printable Cards

Top 10 Kid Reasons

Cover Verse:

For Courtney's Birthday
Top 10 Reasons Being a Kid Rocks!

10. Playing your own CD's -- really LOUD!
9. You know more about computers than most adults.
8. Staying up late. (At least on weekends.)
7. Two words: JUNK FOOD!
6. Super strong thumbs from playing video games.
5. Knowing a lot of really good, really gross jokes.
4. Burping contests -- the sport of champions.
3. Summer vacation, anyone?
2. Watching a movie so many times
you know all the words.

And the Number 1 Reason Being a Kid Rocks...

Inside Verse:

1. Laughing until cake
comes out of your nose!

Have a Great Birthday!