A Daughter is Joy Birthday Printable Cards

A Daughter is Joy

Cover Verse:

A Daughter
Is a Lifelong Joy

A daughter
is someone to count on
and feel close to.
A daughter knows
how you're feeling inside
without your ever having
to tell her.
She makes
your together times happy,
and her smile
lives in your heart...

Inside Verse:

A daughter
is someone
who fills you with joy
that will last
all the days
of your life.

Just thinking of you
on your birthday --
what a wonderful daughter
you've been!
Thinking of all
the good times we've shared,
and living them over again,
Then hoping the joys
of your birthday
are followed each day
all year through
With plans working out,
as you're hoping they will,
and wonderful dreams
coming true.

Happy Birthday