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I noticed some of my account features are missing. What's Changed?

We are planning on launching a fresh new website in the future. To be able to focus our full efforts on what we believe matters most to our members, the following features have been removed from our website due to low usage:

-Wallpaper Calendars.

-The ability to add an ecard to your Favorites. 
     *For now you may access and send ecards previously saved to your Favorites. However, this feature will be retired in the future.

-The ability to save an ecard you have received to your Scrapbook. 
     *For now you may access and view any ecards previously saved to your Scrapbook. However, this feature will be retired in the future.

-The ability to add new free accounts. 
     *Anyone you gave a free account to will still have access to that free account as long as there is no interruption in your paid membership with us.

-The ability to add new groups to your Address Book. 
     *For now you may edit existing groups as well as send your ecards to any groups currently in your Address Book. However, all groups will be removed in the future.

-Custom Event Reminders
     *You may still add Birthday and Anniversary Reminders to your Reminders Calendar. 

We value you as a customer and apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Your feedback is greatly appreciated and helps us confirm what is most valuable to our members. The ecards and printable content that you know and love will still be here and we'll be making the experience better with enhanced features and new product offerings.