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Can I set up my account to automatically log me in?

If you would like to be automatically recognized as a member upon visiting the site, select "Sign In" at the top of the page and simply check the box next to "Remember Me" on the Sign In page. If you choose to have the site automatically remember you for each visit, there are a few things you will want to note:

  1. Please be sure that you do NOT sign out when you leave the site. If you do, you will need to sign in when you return.

  2. If you clear your cookies, you will need to sign in on your first visit back to our site after you have deleted them. Clearing your cookies essentially erases your computer's memory of having visited our site. Once you sign in and ask to be remembered again, you will not have to sign in again unless you clear your cookies again.

  3. If you share a computer, you will want to avoid using the auto-login feature. If the person with whom you share your computer is a member of our site and has requested to be remembered each time he/she visits the site, then you will want to sign out and then sign back in using your own email address and password in order to access your member tools.