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Mobile Apps and More : iPad My Stationery

Creating Your Letter

Choosing a Design:

Swipe left or right and tap to choose the stationery that suits your fancy.

Writing a Letter:

Your location and today's date will automatically appear at the top of your letter. Simply tap to edit or delete these. To activate the keyboard, tap in the "Body" area of your letter. To hide the keyboard, tap the Retract key in the bottom-right-hand corner of the keyboard.

Adjusting the Font:

To change the font size or color of your text, tap "Text" above your letter and adjust to your tastes.

Letter-Crafting Tip: When resizing, make sure all your text fits.

Using Embellishments:

  • Tap "Decorate" to see choices of "Embellishments" you can add to make your letter even more unique. Tap to pick one.

  • Drag the embellishments to the place you would like, and pinch it to resize or rotate.

Adding Photos:

  • To add a photo from your iPad's Camera Roll, simply tap the "Photo" button and pick the one you'd like. Then, drag it to where you'd like and pinch to resize or rotate it.

  • If you want to delete a photo, simply double-tap it and then tap the "X" that appears above it.

Adding Your Signature:

  • To sign your letter, tap "Signature" and use your finger to draw your signature (or any doodle you like!).

  • Adjust the line thickness and color until it's just right.

  • If you want to delete it, simply double-tap it and then tap the "X" that appears above it.