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Why didn't the person I sent my card to receive it?

There are a number of reasons why your recipient may not have received your card. The first thing you should do is check your Sent Ecards page and double check that their email address was entered correctly. If there was an error with the recipient's email address, you will need to resend the card with the correct address. Simply click on the resend link next to the card and follow the prompts. Please click here to go to your Sent Ecards.

If the recipient's email address does show correctly in your Sent Ecards, then we did send a notification email to that address for your card. If they did not receive the email notification it must have been routed or blocked by their email provider and/or spam filter. It is not uncommon for spam filters to block the notification for ecards by default. The notification email will then be routed to their spam folder or, in some cases, deleted outright. If the email is deleted outright then the recipient will not see any record of the Ecard, even if they check their spam folder.

If you requested to receive a copy of the Ecard when you sent it, we will send a copy of your card to your email address at the same time we send it to your recipient. You can work around a spam filter issue by forwarding this copy on to your recipient. The email will then come from your email address instead of ours.