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Can I cancel a pre-scheduled eCard that has a gift attached?

You can cancel the eCard from being delivered as you had scheduled, but the gift card/gift can not be cancelled. 

In this situation you will need to cancel the scheduled eCard with the directions below, and then please contact customercare@jifiti.com for a refund.

To Cancel a Scheduled eCard:

  1. Sign into your BlueMountain.com account.

  2. Click on "My Account" at the top of our website.

  3. Under "Send & Receive History", click on eCards & Gifts Sent.

  4. Locate the email address of the recipient of the eCard and gift card. Remember that our "Sent eCards" page is organized by month.

  5. There will be a grey cancel button that you can click to cancel the delivery of the eCard.

  6. Click on the orange 'Yes, Cancel' button to cancel delivery of the Ecard.