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Ecards : Viewing

Why can't I hear sound when previewing or viewing my ecard?

We will be able to assist with any trouble hearing the sound with your ecards.


For Apple MacBook laptops: We suggest checking the audio output settings for your device:

1. Open the Apple Menu.

2. Select “System Preferences”

3. Choose the “Sound” panel

4. Click the “Output” tab

5. Select the “Internal Speakers” option

6. Be sure that the “Headphones” Output option is not selected


For Apple iPhone and iPad: We suggest checking the audio output switch for your device.

1. Locate the physical switch on the side or top of your device.

2. Move the switch into the "on" position. (You can see if it's on by a notice coming up on the top of your screen saying 'Silent Mode Off' when the switch is in the proper position.)


For Windows 10 Devices: We suggest checking the audio output settings for your device.

1. Open Settings.

2. Click System.

3. Select Sound from menu on left side of window.

4. Make sure your output device is selected in the drop down box under 'Choose your output device'.

5. Make sure your volume is at a comfortable level using the volume bar located on this screen.


For Android Devices: We suggest checking with the manufacturer of your phone to determine the best way to check your sound settings.


Upon returning to the site, and reloading the card, you should be able to hear the music accompanying our eCard.