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I received an inappropriate greeting

We are very sorry that you received abusive communications in the form of one of our Ecards. This obviously violates our Terms of Service and will not be tolerated. Unfortunately, given the open nature of the Internet, we are limited in what we can do about this. Generally when users send emails of this nature, they use a false name. Our technology does not allow us to verify the email address of Ecard senders.

We do have certain information about senders such as IP address and cookie number. Unfortunately, we are prohibited by law from releasing that information absent a subpoena or search warrant. If you feel physically threatened, you should contact your local law enforcement authorities immediately. We will cooperate with their investigation in any way we can, consistent with applicable law and our privacy policies.

If you would like, we can block your email address so that you will receive no further Ecards from our site. Please be aware that this will also prevent family and friends from sending you appropriate Ecards. If you want to take this step, let us know and we will start the process.