Blue Mountain's 12 Days of
Christmas Inspiration

...because how you spend Christmas is
more important than how much.

It's the most wonderful time of the year, so make the most of every minute with this enchanting collection of inspirational Christmas quotes, Christmas recipes and Christmas decoration ideas, fun facts, Christmas bingo and other games and Christmas crafts for kids. You will be well on your way to surviving the season in style as you create a holiday that sparkles with fun and imagination.

Welcome to 12 days of Christmas Inspiration. Each day is beautifully crafted with rich, seasonal colors, hand-lettered artwork and photographs and festive holiday imagery. Every day is designed to evoke the magic and nostalgia of the season and provide new Christmas inspiration for entertaining, gift giving and celebrating. It's easy---just click on a number to explore and enjoy each day as you discover:

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Merry Christmas, Everyone!