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How do I use the Social Butterfly?

Once downloaded to your computer, the Social Butterfly will open automatically by default when your computer turns on, and will load your Reminders and Facebook Birthday Reminders. If your Facebook Reminders don't appear, please click on the Facebook icon in the upper right corner of the application to connect to Facebook and import the birthdays.

You can add new Reminders for in our Social Butterfly. To add a Reminder, click on add event, choose the Reminder type from the dropdown at the top of the window, create your Reminder and click add. Birthday Reminders for Facebook are controlled by Facebook. You will not be able to add or remove Facebook Birthday Reminders with our Social Butterfly.

You can remove a Reminder from the Social Butterfly by going to our website, signing in and accessing Reminders. Please visit, click on the event, and click delete. Once back on the Social Butterfly Calendar, go to Settings and click refresh calendar to update.

To adjust how the Social Butterfly displays on your computer, please click on Settings.

More help with Reminders can be found at: