Mobile Apps and More : Social Butterfly

How do I download/install the Social Butterfly?

To download our free Social Butterfly, please go here and click on the Download for Free button.

If you don't have the Adobe Air Program, you will be directed to download this free application. Adobe AIR is a cross-operating system platform that makes it easy to run rich Internet applications on the desktop. More information can be found, if you wish, on Adobe AIR's official FAQ.

If you already have Adobe Air, you will be given the options to Open or Save. Click Open to start the download immediately. Click Save and note where you save the file in order to start the download later.

You will be given the options to set a shortcut icon to your desktop and to start the application after installation. Click Continue.

When the Social Butterfly installs, you will be asked to sign in to your and Facebook memberships. Once you have done this, the Social Butterfly will pull information from your and Facebook reminders so you'll have quick access to all your birthdays and special events right on your desktop. You can also add new reminders.