Gifting Options : Top Retailers Gift Cards

How do I add a Top Retailers Gift Card to my eCard?

You can add a Top Retailers Gift Card to many of the eCards on To attach a gift card to an eCard, please be sure you are signed in to your membership here and follow these steps.

1.    Select an eCard you would like to send and click the "Personalize and Send" button above the eCard.

2.    On the "Personalize Your Greeting" page, enter your message to the recipient.

3.    After you have entered your message, click the ‘Continue to Delivery Information’ button.

4.    Enter your recipient's name and email address and when to send the eCard.

5.    Select ‘Yes, I’d like to add a gift card.’ Clicking ‘Add a gift card & Send eCard’ will take you to your Gift Card options.

6.    You will have the option to add a Top Retailers Gift Card to your eCard. If you select to add a Top Retailers Gift Card to your eCard, a window will expand showing you the Top Retailers available.

7.    You can sort the Top Retailers available by the denomination you would like to send or by the category of Top Retailer you are looking for. Ex. Restaurants & Dining or Children's Apparel.

8.    After you have selected the Top Retailer you would like to send a Gift Card from, you will be shown several different Gift Card designs. Select the design you like the best.

9.    Now select the denomination you would like to gift from the drop down menu. Please be advised that each retailer offers different denominations. After choosing your denomination, click the "Add to Greeting card" button to proceed. If you do not see the denomination that you would like to gift available, you can click the "Back" button in the top left corner and sort the Top Retailers by Denomination.

10.    Click the “Send eCard” button. You will be prompted to enter all of your billing information to process the purchase of the Top Retailer Gift Card. When you are done click the "Submit Order & Send eCard" button to send your eCard and gift!

11.    Once the transaction has processed you will get a confirmation that your eCard and Gift Card has been sent.

Your recipient will receive an email with a link where they can pick up the ecard and redemption information for their Top Retailer Gift Card. If you selected to receive a notification, you will also receive a confirmation email containing the same information and a record of the gift card purchase.

The purchase will show up on your credit card statement as: GiftCardPurchase

Please note that there are NO REFUNDS ON ALL GIFT CARD PURCHASES.

If you have questions about redeeming your Top Retailer Gift Card, please see the information provided in the redemption link by the Top Retailer on the Gift Card itself.

If you have questions regarding the eCard you sent or received, please contact customer service for help