Ecards : Talking

My Talking ecard will not talk. What do I do?

Please make sure that you are following these steps to send a talking Ecard.

  1. Select a character voice.

  2. Type your message in the text box provided. Note: there is a 600 character maximum length.

  3. Click the "save" button. This is most important! Be sure to click this button after making any changes to the message the character will say.

  4. After you have previewed your character speaking and you are satisfied with the message, you can complete the sending process by clicking the "Personalize and Send" button. The message you add on the next page will appear in print below your Talking ecard.

If you are having problems with a talking ecard, the problem may be temporary. Please wait a few minutes and try again. If you're still unable to view the ecard, the following information may help.

Your browser's cache stores information about the web pages you've visited. Clearing your cache regularly frees up disk space on your computer, increases the computer's performance and rids your computer of any corrupted files. Follow the instructions in your browser's Help section for clearing the cache. Once the cache has been cleared, close your browser window and re-open it.

  • Firefox users should look under Tools and Clear Recent History.

  • Internet Explorer users should look under Tools and Internet Options.

  • Safari users who are using a PC should click on the Gear icon in the upper, right hand corner of the window.

  • Safari users who are using a Mac should click on the Safari menu in the upper, left hand corner of the window.

If these steps don't help, please update your Adobe Flash Player. Our animated ecards are created using Adobe's Flash software. In order to view them, you need the most current version of Adobe's Flash Player. To download the most recent version of Adobe Flash, please go to Please note that if you choose to save the download rather than launching it automatically, it won't install until you double click the icon from wherever you save it.