Ecards : Talking

How do I send a talking ecard?

We're happy that you want to send a talking ecard. Please sign in to your BlueMountain Membership here and put the cursor over Ecards at the top of our homepage. Select Talking Ecards. Select the Ecard you would like to send.

Below the Ecard, you will see a space to type what you want the character to say. Type your message here. You can provide up to 600 characters. Next, select the Character voice. Now, click the 'save and preview' button. This is most important! Be sure to click this button after making any changes to the message.

After you are happy with the voice message, please click the 'Personalize & Send' button to send the Ecard. Note that the message that is typed on the 'Personalize & Send your Ecard' page will appear below the talking ecard when it is delivered to the recipient.