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I cannot see the print button in Print at Home

Your viewing resolution is set to the wrong size or you have your browser window too small. Please make sure your browser window is maximized so you can see the entire Print at Home workspace. If this doesn't help, please set the optimum viewing resolution for Print at Home is 1024x768.

To change your screen's resolution, please use these steps:

Windows XP

  1. click on 'start'

  2. click on 'control panel'

  3. click on 'display' or 'appearances'

  4. click on the 'settings' tab

  5. slide the ruler under the screen resolution title to 1024 by 768 pixels

  6. click 'ok'

(you may have to click ok again to accept the changes)

Windows Vista / Windows 7

  1. click on 'start'

  2. click on 'control panel'

  3. click on 'appearance and personalization'

  4. click on 'personalization'

  5. click on 'display settings'

  6. move the slider to the required resolution 1024x768

  7. click 'ok'


  1. click on 'system preferences'

  2. click 'display'

  3. choose 1024x768