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Custom eCards

Now you can create your own eCards with our custom eCards collection! Think how special they'll feel when receiving a personalized eCard featuring their name! With customizable eCards, you can choose the message that says it best or compose your own.

Personalize With Name

Add their name to the eCard for the perfect touch of personalization!

Personalize With Message

Pick your favorite message to let them know exactly how you feel.

Type Your Own Message with Our Talking eCards

Say it in your own words. Just type it and our Talking eCards will deliver your message!

Type Your Own Message with Our Online Stationery

Choose one of our stationery designs to add a special touch to your email!

  • Personalize With Music

    Add your own touch of music by picking one of our different song choices to play while they view your eCard. Whether it's jazzy or soulful music, you can pick one of our three choices to set the mood just right!