Sun, Sand and an Ocean Breeze – A Vacation for the Soul!

beach chairs 6.27Do you hear it? There’s the sound of calypso drums setting the tropical breezes in motion, giving happy feet to those who wander across the wet sandy beach looking for shells, those mementos of a peaceful moment. A little laughter can be heard from the couple snuggling under the beach umbrella nearby and from the children running and building sand castles. It’s a glorious day. The salt sea air is just beginning to make you feel a little stronger, a little more playful, and a little more at peace. It’s a great vacation–even if you haven’t actually left your living room.

The fact is you can enjoy mini moments…
little flights of fancy to different spaces and places, ones that free your heart and mind and give you the buoyancy to keep afloat. You can escape on your own little adventure any time you want, any time it feeds your soul. A virtual vacation is a good thing.

And if the beach isn’t your thing, you may find yourself in the mountains, walking through vast canyons, hiking up past the tree line or strolling through quaint villages. You may even be in Europe at a little café, ordering your favorite cappuccino and smiling at the waiter who seems to be flirting with you. You get the picture…hammock 6.27

Yes, sometimes, the good times are right at your finger tips. All it takes is a few quiet moments, and a little willingness to just slip away to somewhere glorious. After all, the “real” world will call you back soon enough. When that happens, grab some lemonade and your favorite muumuu and head out to your deck, feel the sun on your cheeks and the breeze in your hair and mentally check in at that little beach hotel down the road. After all you have control over your imagination and it is always happy to take you anywhere that makes you smile.

sq jar of shells 6.27Time for some fun in the sun? Drift away! And check out, for lots of videos, pictures, quotes, gifts and other ideas or download some free awesome beach wallpaper desktop calendars here.

Know someone who has a birthday coming up but can’t swing the 5-star, beachfront, week- long getaway to celebrate?  Send them the virtual vacation ecard to help them enjoy a momentary vacation for the soul.