How Sweethearts Find Their Love Song [Infographic]

Did you ever wonder how couples find their song, or how many couples have had a song right from the very start? Did you ever stop to think about what the most popular love songs throughout history are, or what genre they come from? Scroll through our very special infographic, based on results from our Valentine’s Day survey, to find out some sweet tidbits about love songs, and even sweeter commentary from BlueMountain fans about their very own songs. And don’t forget, it’s the perfect time to pick out your Valentine’s Day eCards from

A very special Valentine's Day infographic from




eCard of the week – Live, Love, Laugh Song






Live, Love, Laugh – what more can you ask for? This original song is brought to life in our Valentine’s Day ecard of the week! This is a great card to send to a good friend or family member to let them know they’re on your mind today.

As Valentine’s Day gets closer, we realized that the holiday isn’t just for romantic relationships, but it’s a day to celebrate everyone you love and realize how lucky you are to have them in your life. Sending this card only takes a minute, but it’s a great way to brighten someone’s day – and more importantly, it lets them know you care. From funny and talking Valentine’s Day eCards to Sweet or Romantic Valentine’s Day eCards Blue Mountain is here to help you stay connected and spread a little love. Share the love with this card today and have fun sending one every day until February 14th!



eCard of the week – Magical Valentines Day






It’s hard not to notice the reds and pinks all around, which means Valentine’s Day must be around the corner – and that’s why our pick for eCard of the week this week is Magical Valentines Day.

Valentine’s Day really can be a magical holiday and that is why we love this interactive Valentine’s Day eCard, which Blue Mountain artist Kim Patrizi beautifully brings to life. Kim’s designs are known for their bright texture, immersive color and innovative animation techniques.

The playful fairy is sure to delight everyone you send her to, while filling their heart with Valentine’s Day spirit. Be sure to check out all of the Valentine’s Day eCards Blue Mountain has to offer and send or share a little love today!



That Love

by George Davis

Who are you?
And what have you done with the old me?
What have you done with my heart?
I don’t even recognize me anymore.

What kind of Love is this?
At one point, I thought it was that fly by night,
it was fun while it lasted type of love.
But everyday my heart is awakened by some different type of love.
Every day, everything I thought I knew is made different.
This isn’t just a part-time type of love.

This is that…

that…”when you leave the room, you take my smile with you” type of love.

That…”when you close your eyes, the sun sets”…

that…”even just a whisper from your lips shakes the foundation of the Earth”
type of love.

This is a supernatural type of love.
The type of love that could only be conceived in the mind of a higher power.
That Esphesians chapter 5 type of love.
Two bodies and one soul.
Yeah. This is that type of love.

That “give me your hand, and I’ll give you my heart” love.

That “everyday, I say ‘I Do'” love.

That “I was nothing until I was yours” love.

Baby…this is that “you don’t only finish my sentences, you complete my spirit” type of love.

We got that “every day is Christmas and every night is Valentine’s” love.

That “when I look into your eyes, I see the greatest love poem ever written” love.

What is this?
Where did it come from?
How did it take so much control
of so much of my soul?
I believe it started with a kiss.


Did this make you think of your special someone?  Send them a Valentine and let them know! A nice poem by George Davis called That Love