Thanksgiving Recipes!

Thanksgiving dinner is one of the most loved meals of the year – and that can put a lot of pressure on the cook! Everyone knows what to look for on Thanksgiving, and everyone has a favorite, but sometimes it’s good to change it up a bit – nothing too crazy, but a new take on an old classic can be a welcome treat.

One great idea is to have one or two new additions to the menu each year. That way,  favorite traditional fare will stay in place, but a few new options will be on the table. Here are a few suggestions…

Side Dishes –

Side dishes are a great place to mix it up and try something new. Although mashed potatoes are somewhat sacred on Thanksgiving, Butternut Squash Risotto is a great option too, plus it’s very festive and seasonal for the occasion.

Many households have some take on a sweet potato recipe – usually a sweet dish topped with pecans, brown sugar and marshmallows, but why not turn them into a savory side dish and feature Sweet Potatoes with Lime and Ginger.

Turkey Talk –

Now, you might not want to mess around with the main course too much, but these suggestions are pretty tame, and,  if you’re cooking for a very large number of people, you you  might be cooking two bird anyway so try one traditional recipe and one that’s a little different.

If you haven’t tried a deep-fried turkey yet, maybe this is the year – try this yummy  Cajun Deep-Fried Turkey recipe. If frying the turkey is just not your thing try this delicious recipe for a Honey Brined Smoked Turkey – it’s sure the please!

Sweets –

It can be fun coming up with interesting recipes while sticking with seasonal ingredients for dessert. Try this Apple Crostata with Cheddar Crust, or how about Pumpkin Fudge? Of course, you can’t go wrong with a perfect Pumpkin Pie Recipe – and it’s always a good idea to have one on hand.

Have fun with these Thanksgiving Recipes and don’t forget that sending a quick Thanksgiving Ecard is a great way to connect during the holiday season – let your friends and loved ones know you’re thinking about them today!