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Celebrate "As Young as You Feel" Day with

Whether you’re 35 or 105, the single most important thing to remember is that your chronological age is only a number, plain and simple. In fact, the widespread belief that there’s a peak or prime of life is, in our humble opinion, utterly archaic. Instead, embrace the idea that you can be full of vitality, passion, and adventure at any age!

All of us here at Blue Mountain fully believe this, which is why we were so thrilled to recently celebrate “As Young as You Feel Day.” This fun holiday made us realize that we should all focus on enjoying our lives to the fullest each and every day. And suddenly, our curiosity was piqued. “What specifically makes people feel young?”

So we asked our own Blue Mountain team, and here are some of their answers:

  • Taking a bubble bath
  • Buying a pair of funky-colored, high top sneakers
  • Putting temporary streaks of color in my hair
  • Dipping chocolate cookies into milk
  • Riding a Ferris Wheel
  • Joining the neighborhood kids for a game of hopscotch
  • Doing a cartwheel
  • Singing in the shower at the top of my lungs
  • Dancing the night away
  • Giggling (which can be easily achieved by sending one of our eCards to someone. Send one from our Talking Collection or our Funny Collection today!)

Our conclusion? Never stop enjoying yourself! In fact, treat each single day as the prime of your life. Keep active. Stay positive. And have fun. Lots of it. After all, no matter our age, we should all feel young at heart, shouldn’t we?

And now, dear reader, we’d love to know…“What makes you feel young?” Please leave your answer as a comment below. Don’t be shy now!




Top 10 Talking ecards


Here at, we hear a lot of feedback on how much everyone loves our talking ecards. And what’s not to love – these fun cards say what you type, and are pretty much guaranteed to put a smile on anyone’s face. Because there are so many talking cards to choose from, we thought it would be fun to create a top 10 list. Did your favorite make the cut? Have you sent all of the cards on the list? Let us know in the comments section and tell us what make these cards your favorite.

Click here to view and send this card now!

10. This Just In – This card allows you to send breaking news to your closest friends, whether you just want to say “Have a nice day,” or celebrate something exciting.

Click here to view and send this card now!

9. How You Bean? – What better way to reach out to a friend you haven’t talked to in a while than with this adorable pearl-wearing, latte-drinking pup?!?

Click here to view and send this card now!

8. Another Gray Hare – There’s never been a cuter age gag to send someone on their birthday.

Click here to view and send this card now!

7. Top Koala-ty Hugger – Because it doesn’t get much cuter than this… This is the perfect choice to send a little love.

Click here to view and send this card now!

6. What’s Cooking – Now this choice is a conversation starter for sure, and perfect to send to friends. You could even use it as invitation for a dinner party!

Click here to view and send this card now!

5. What’s Up – This brand new talking card breaks our top five because it’s hard not to smile when you see it.

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4. Birthday Nut – This card is a bona fide fan favorite when it comes to sending birthday wishes.

Click here to view and send this card now!

3. SEALed with a kiss – No matter what the temperature is outside, this card is sure to melt hearts everywhere.

Click here to view and send this card now!

2. Bahama Llama – This brand new talking card is perfect for a summer greeting. You could even send it from your sunny vacation spot instead of a postcard!

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1. Birthday Cod – And the number one spot belongs to the one and only “Birthday Cod!” This sweet little fish with the perfect little grin is sure to deliver your birthday message with perfection.





Happy June Birthday, Friend and Nurturer!


Although popular, even to the extreme, those born during the month of June are most comfortable socializing at home, whether it’s their home or someone else’s cozy nook. Most at ease with the close-knit circle of friends they grew up with, they treat their friends like family.


Those born under the sign of the twins, Gemini, love to communicate. Talking on the phone, text messaging, emails, letter-writing…you name it, chances are Gemini loves it! You tend to have as many friends as ways to communicate with each. Not to mention, a wonderful way with words! For all you know, you were scribbling little masterpieces since before you could crawl. Short little notes, poetry, short stories, or the next great American novel, your mind is always buzzing with words to put down on paper.


Those born in the sign of Cancer have a connection to the Moon, as their emotional well-being can be closely linked the Moon’s phases. Some may call you moody, but really, you’re simply going with the flow alongside the latest lunar state, whether it’s waxing or waning. Like the crab, the animal associated with Cancer, you have a tough exterior that protects and nurtures your softer, sensitive inner world. Nothing is more important to you than family, although who you consider your “family” may vary, for home is where your heart is. A bookkeeper of memories, you remember what matters most to yourself and others, filing it away in your heart to bring yourself some joy on days when you could use cheering up.

June Flower 

08-12652-00-00Your birth flower, the Rose, derives its name from the Latin rosa, which traced back further means “flower.” Rich with history, roses has been blossoming for millions of years. According the Roman legend, when Rodanthe turned away a great many suitors bent on marrying her, the goddess, Diana, turned Rodanthe into a rose and her overeager admirers into thorns. Flowering in a variety of colors, each carries its own meaning: red—“I love you”; white—spiritual love; yellow—joy and faithfulness; pink—“thank you”; to name a few.

 June Birthstone 

153149908The pearl, your birthstone, is the oldest known gemstone, and has some of the richest history and folklore surrounding it. One cultural story tells that the pearl was born when a drop of rain from heaven fell into the oyster, becoming its heart. Pearls have been referred to as “teardrops of the moon,” and have been used in meditation and to assist in spiritual transformation. They are also known to relieve stress and even balance the solar plexus chakra. .

Famous June Birthdays

Celebrate your birthday this month with these notable names:

Tony Curtis, Olympia Dukakis, Roger Ebert, Michael J. Fox, Anne Frank, Tom Jones, Helen Keller, Guy Lombardo, Marilyn Monroe, Meryl Streep

Important June 2013 Holidays

World Environment Day 6/5
Flag Day 6/14
Father’s Day 6/16
International Picnic Day 6/18
Juneteenth 6/19
Summer Solstice 6/21

For more information on June birthdays, please click here.  And to see a large selection of birthday ecards that range from funny to sweet, just visit We’ve got cards for everyone on your list, including talking cards that are perfect for those in the birthday spotlight this month!



“WHAT TO SAY…” In a Talking eCard!

Cat got your tongue? No worries! Talking eCards will say it for you! You can even choose
a talking cat!

Want to reach out to someone you haven’t contacted in a while? talk_how_ya_bee
Our How Ya Bee hamster will hit just the right note: “Hi Kelly, sorry I haven’t been in touch, things have been very hectic around here.  Just wondering how ya bee and hoping we can get together soon to catch up!”

Feeling romantic or maybe a little frisky? You can choose our
Love You a Latte Yorkie to do some sweet talking for you. “Hi Honey.  Just sitting here having my morning coffee and remembering last night. Love you a latte!”

talk_this_just_inOur newscaster, This Just In, can deliver a fun weather report: “The snow is really coming down!  We’re expecting six inches by morning. Time to get your skis out!  Can’t wait to see you on the slopes!” or “This just in. Mary Beth had her baby at 2:30 this morning! Eight pounds of bouncing baby boy!”

Our Purrfect Friend kitty can make someone’s day: “Good Morning, Jenn!  I hope you have a wonderful day!  I’m so glad we’re friends!” Or if someone you know is going on a trip, you can send them our  Bahama Llama with a happy “Bon Voyage!” wish.

Is someone in your life going through a difficult time?  talk_hang_in_thereOur little Hang in There monkey will bring a smile: “Harry, I was so sorry to hear about your accident.  I hope you are on the mend and will be back on the golf course soon.  We all miss you.  Hang in there! 

For St. Patrick’s Day, wish them a wee bit o’magic with our Pot O’Golden retriever, our Fine Irish Lassie and our St. Cat’s Day kitty. “Faith and begorrah, here’s hoping your St. Patrick’s Day is filled with fun and friends and lots of green beer!”

talk_magical_surpriseFor Easter, let them know they are somebunny special with our new Bunny Banter card. “Happy Easter, Aunt Sophie!  Can’t wait till we get the family together for Easter brunch.  Your green bean casserole is the best!  Be sure to get here early for the Easter egg hunt.  Love you!”

And, of course, we have lots of ways (and fun characters to match!) to wish someone a Happy Birthday:

Send some bovine wishes from our Holy Cow: “Holy Cow!  You’re having another birthday?!  Don’t worry—you’re still not pasture prime!”

Our Sweet Wishes talking cupcake can suggest: talk_sweet_wishes“It’s your birthday, Sally!  Time to get sprinkle-faced!”

Send Hogs and Kisses to a grandchild.: “Hello, my little Munchkin!  This little piggy is here to say, a special treat is on the way.  Hogs and kisses for your birthday!  Grandma loves you!”

talk_puppy_loveWith Talking eCards you can keep in touch, send birthday, holiday and get well wishes, invite someone over, celebrate an anniversary, graduation, engagement, special event or send one just because they’re so much fun! One happy customer shared with us that she was proposed to through a Talking eCard! (It was our Puppy Love design and she said, “Yes!”)

 So where to begin? Just choose the talking ecard character you like best for the occasion, type your message in the box, pick a voice and the talking card will deliver your note to your delighted recipient. We’ve shown you a few ideas on things you can say, but here are a few helpful hints to make your message even more special:

  • Choose whether you want the card to speak in the first person (Hi! I’m your Birthday Cod) or if you just want to use it as a vehicle for your message (Sending this birthday cod cause I know how much you like fishing!)
  • Listen to your message several times before sending it. You might want to add or edit. Always click Save and Preview after each change or edit.
  • If you’re not going to send your card right away but want to keep the message you’ve started, it’s a good idea to copy and paste it to a Word doc, as once you move out of the card (without sending it), your message will not be saved.
  • Play around with the spelling and spacing between words/syllables to have your message delivered just the way you’d like it.
  • If you type your message phonetically, you can even have the talking card speak a foreign language!

And now a word from our Talking eCod…


Here’s what we typed and how we typed it.  We chose “Nigel” for the speaking voice.  Click here or on the photo at left to listen to the delivered message.
Ahoy there, blue mountain friends!  I am so proud to have this special oppor TUNA tee to speak to you!   Just wanted to let you know it’s official!   I am one of the most popular talking  e cards of all.   Holy Mackeral!    I’ll send birthday fishes to anyone you like and they’ll fall for me hook…line…and sinker!  It’s FIN-tastic, don’t you think?  Remember, in cod we trust! Have a great day now!



Top Ten Funny Christmas eCards!

It’s never been so easy—or so fun—to send holiday smiles from across the miles. Funny Christmas ecards are a great way to put a happy ho, ho, ho in the hearts of those you care about. From mild to wild, there’s an eCard here to tickle anyone’s funny bone!

Nothing quite says “Cool Yule” like a little reggae.

Warning: This Tropical Christmas Song ecard will have you feeling so laid back, you might not get all your shopping done!

  1. Q. What do you call frogs who love Christmas?
  2. A. Mistletoads!

The un-frog-ettable Mistletoad Jingle is sure to put a smile on the face of even the Scroogiest person on your list. Totally ribbiting.

Penguin Medley combines video and classical music in a way that makes you ask, “How did they get those penguins to do THAT?!” Smile. Send.  Repeat.

It’s Christmastime in the city? Not at the Christmas Hoedown. These all-singing, all-dancing farm animals are kickin’ it Old MacDonald style. Send a toe-tappin’ good time as they twirl, sing and do-si-do their way through this hoedown throwdown.

Know how there’s always that one friend who sends the cuuuuuuuutest greetings to everyone? Be that friend.

Woodland Concert will add a little joy to your world…and theirs.

Do NOT send La Christmas Song unless you want your friends and family to use words like adorable, sophisticated and smart when they describe your Christmas ecard. Ze French, zay have a way, no?

Why settle for regular carolers, when you can send Caroling Bee-Bop Penguins! This bum-bitty ditty will bring you back to the age of tailfins and street-corner doo-wop.  Can you dig it, Daddi-o?

Feeling like getting on Santa’s Naughty List?  One sure way is to send The Wrong House, perfect for the toilet humor enthusiast on your list. This isn’t just a funny Christmas ecard; it’s a “potty.”

Dog Days of Christmas  is the perfect way to say “Fleas Navidad” to the pooch people in your life. This original take on the traditional classic is a real tail-wagger.


‘Tis the season to chew dollies—Fa la la la la, la la la la! Canine Carolers is a howl!  Run, don’t W-A-L-K to this funny ecard, and click send!


So there you have them…and of course, there are more cute and funny Christmas eCards available at! Why not visit today and while you’re there, check out the large assortment of cute and funny Talking eCards as well. They speak whatever you type in whichever voice you choose!



eCard of the Week–HEADS UP

Halloween is quickly approaching with all of its magic, sorcery and frighteningly good times! Why not create some of your own spine-tingling fun by giving voice to this eerie headless horseman? It’s our talking eCard that pays homage to Washington Irving’s well-known characterization in “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.”

The story, of course, follows the plight of the timid and superstitious schoolmaster, Ichabod Crane. By the end of the tale, he is chased through the Hollow, a place known for its ghosts and haunting atmosphere, by the infamous Headless Horseman, who “rides forth to the scene of battle in nightly quest of his head.” At sunrise, there is no trace of Crane or his horse, and only the scattered remains of a shattered pumpkin can be found. Was the Horseman truly a spectre or was it really Ichabod’s nemesis, Abraham “Brom Bones” Van Brunt, in ingenious disguise?

It’s a great tale for Halloween and this special eCard, “Heads Up,” captures some of the magic and fun that comes from ghostly stories like this one. There are so many other wonderful talking, interactive and spooky eCards to choose from for Halloween, as well, at…and if you’re looking for something to say in the talking eCard of your choice, check out our blog from Tuesday!



eCard of the week: How You Bean?

The amazing thing about catching up with old friends is that when you do, you feel like you haven’t missed a beat…you just pick up right where you left off! Do you know someone like that…someone you’d really like to just sit down and share a cup of coffee with and enjoy a nice long chat? This adorable talking ecard, How You Bean? could be just the thing to help get that conversation going.

Blue Mountain has a great selection of talking ecards that are fun for any reason or any occasion. You can write whatever you’d like and then choose from several different voices to deliver your message…or you can choose one of our messages, if you’d prefer. Either way, these cards are a great way to connect and keep in touch!



eCard of the Week: “America Furever” Talking Card

With the national elections just around the corner, you can join in the political fray
in a funny way with “America Furever,” our eCard pick of the week. This talking eCard features a fun and “sparkly” pup who will deliver your personal message
for you in any one of several different voices (your choice, of course!) It can be
a birthday message…perhaps something like “The vote is unanimous, you should
have the best birthday ever!” or “Hope it’s a banner year, you deserve it!” Or send
and share it with a friendship message instead…”The votes have been counted and
the results are official, you’re an awesome friend!” Don’t forget to add your recipient’s name to your message to make it really special. The possibilities are endless and so is
the fun when you connect with family and friends in this unique and personal way. has other talking eCards you’ll love, too and also has a great variety
of Interactive eCards with games, puzzles and more…why not check us out today!



eCard of the Week: Sweet Surprice Tic Tac Toe









“Sweet Surprise Tic Tac Toe,” our  ecard pick of the week, is another fun interactive selection in our online game series that makes for a lighthearted and entertaining way of sending birthday wishes and greetings.  We’d love
this birthday ecard by artist Drew King even if we didn’t have a sweet tooth!
Of course the fact that it features birthday cupcakes as the design makes it
that much sweeter to send.

If you’re looking for other Interactive eCards, Online Game eCards, Talking eCards,
or fun Postcards,  Blue Mountain can help you stay connected and celebrate birthdays
in may different ways! Have you already sent this card? Let us know who you sent it to and their reaction. We love hearing from our members!





Happy Birthday Bob Dylan!

Born Robert Allen Zimmerman on May 24, 1941, in Duluth, Minnesota, to Abram Zimmerman and Beatrice Stone, he moved to his mother’s hometown of Hibbing, Minnesota, at age six when his father was afflicted with polio. He began writing poetry not long after at age ten, followed by playing the guitar at fourteen, self-taught.

In 1959, Robert was awarded a scholarship to the Universityof Minnesotaand came across the autobiography of Woody Guthrie entitled, Bound for Glory, a work that would change his life.  He subsequently learned many of Guthrie’s songs, performing them locally under a name he legally changed to in 1962, Bob Dylan, after poet Dylan Thomas.

First performing in coffeehouses and local venues, his music career had a respectable start in 1962 with the release of his debut album, Bob Dylan.  However, it wasn’t until the release of The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan in 1963 that he gained notoriety with such songs as “Blowin’ in the Wind” and “A Hard Rain’s a-Gonna Fall.”  Infusing folk with rock and rock, as well as bluegrass and rhythm and blues, Dylan’s music was known not only for its mix of genres, but for his trademark lyrics which had a poetic sensibility not heard before, as well as a countercultural appeal.  This groundbreaking writing style endeared him to the 1960s anti-war movement and Civil Rights movement, and Dylan was considered a spokesman for his generation, a title which he shrugged off.

Dylan’s writing style, unique and original, has won critical acclaim and comparisons to such classic poets as Walt Whitman and T.S. Elliot. He influenced his contemporaries, including poet Allen Ginsberg, as well.  Other writers were equally inspired, some dedicating their work to Dylan, such as Joyce Carol Oates with her short story, “Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?”

Throughout his illustrious career, Dylan oscillated between the counterculture movement he’d helped create and nurture, and brief interludes either away from the spotlight, or from the zeitgeist for which he is known.  The first involved a motorcycle accident in 1966, although he continued to write and record.  Another happened in 1979, when Dylan converted to Christianity, during which time he refused to play music he’d written prior to his conversion.  He returned to his rebellious roots not long after, and fans rejoiced.

Do you know someone, family or friend, who shares Bob Dylan’s birthday?  Are they a fan and would get a kick out of a Talking Birthday eCard personalized with some of their favorite Dylan lyrics?  Any of our Birthday eCards are sure to put a smile on that special someone’s face.