A truly special teacher is very wise,
and sees tomorrow in every child’s eyes.

~Author Unknown

Do you remember your favorite teacher from grade school, high school, or even college? Can you give credit to a teacher who influenced you or your child…or one who helped you or your children discover new directions and paths in your lives? If you can, then you know that teachers deserve more recognition and appreciation than they ever receive. After all, teachers help shape the people who shape the world.

Getting Involved

May 7th is National Teachers Day and it occurs on the Tuesday of Teacher Appreciation week. It’s the perfect time to give back to special teachers in your life. In addition to sending a card or a kind note, you might consider one or more of the following throughout the school year:

  • Consider supporting an import classroom project or goal
  • Volunteer your time
  • Donate to a cause the school or teacher supports
  • Participate in or support bake sales and school fundraisers
  • If you have kids in school, keep them engaged in their studies
    and their classroom activities
  • Attend open houses and teacher-parent conferences
  • Help pass school levies. They’re not just good for the schools
    and the teachers, they’re good for the community as well
  • Offer to help with classroom basics

Your Support
When you give your support, teachers don’t feel alone in their endeavors to help our children. Nor will they have to personally take on all the burden of paying for children who can’t afford lunch or those who don’t have enough money for a gym suit. Teachers spend nearly $1.5 billion annually of their own money on school supplies, covering the basics so that every child has the same opportunity to learn and grow. Statistically, 91% of teachers buy basic school supplies for their classrooms!

Teachers Are Heroes05072013_teachersday

Teachers do a heroic job of stimulating kids to think on their own…helping them to achieve a sense of satisfaction in a job well done, and cultivating and nurturing the dreams of the students who will lead us into tomorrow. Children may only be one-third of our population today, but they are one hundred percent of our future. Teachers give these children, and us, a chance to strive for a better tomorrow and a stronger humanity.

A Big Thank You

National Teachers Day is an opportunity for you and  your kids to thank the ones who taught you to love certain subjects, to help you think for yourself, and to become the person you were meant to be. After all, a teacher made it possible for you to read this blog today.  Thanks to teachers everywhere! We honor and appreciate them!