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Sweetest Day was first started when Birch Kingston wanted to bring cheer to local orphans, elderly and service people in Cleveland, OH. He acknowledged that many of these people may feel forgotten during other holidays, and because he worked for a local candy company, he started giving out special sweets to the community. To learn more about the history of Sweetest Day, click here. 

We wanted to celebrate by offering this free printable quote that’s perfect for celebrating your friends, family, or your sweetie on this fun holiday. The quote is easily printable and would be a fun framed addition to any desk or home.

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Sweet, Sweet October – FREE recipe card!



October is a sweet month for many reasons, but the most being the fact that we celebrate Sweetest Day, which falls on Saturday, October 17 this year!

Sweetest Day actually has quite an interesting history dating back to 1922. That was when Herbert Birch Kingston, a candy employee and philanthropist, decided he wanted to cheer up the local orphans, elderly, and poor people in his hometown of Cleveland, Ohio. Because he worked in the candy industry, Kingston started handing out sweet treats to the less fortunate.

Following his lead, other local candy makers began to do the same—and eventually the third Saturday in October was proclaimed as the “sweetest day of the year.” As time went on, “Sweetest Day” became more and more romance focused. In fact, today many view the holiday as a second Valentine’s Day. What better way to convey your heartfelt sentiments on this lovely holiday than with a beautiful Sweetest Day eCard?

In addition to claiming Sweetest Day, October is also becoming a very popular month to get married. In fact, they’re saying “October is the new June” for weddings. Some reasons for this? The weather is still nice and quite cozy, not too hot or too cold. (There’s not much rain this time of the year either.) The scenery is vividly gorgeous with colorful foliage. Venue and vendor prices seem to be somewhat lower. And October conveys a more relaxed and comfortable mood than other busy months.

Of course, as more couples get married in October, more couples will be celebrating their anniversaries in October, too—which is the perfect opportunity to share well wishes with a touching Love or Anniversary eCard.

And last, but certainly not least, did you know that October is National Dessert Month? A whole month dedicated to sweet confections and delectable treats! (For other fun food holidays throughout the year, click here.)

As our gift to you, here’s a special recipe from our staff for elegant little Chocolate Lava Cakes, which make the perfect ending to any romantic dinner.
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Letter from the Editor – Getting Ready for October!


With the autumnal equinox on September 22nd, when day and night were of equal length, we welcomed fall and life started all over again.  Now that October is here, our gardens are bright with dahlias, camellias, echinacea, and chrysanthemums. Our recipes will be starring pumpkins, squash, apples, berries, seeds and nuts. We’re wearing our sweaters and plaid flannel, enjoying pumpkin spice lattes and farmers markets and cheering on our favorite football teams.

The days are getting shorter and the sun is lower in the sky. Nighttime is heralded by spectacular sunsets and the stars have never shone brighter. Mornings are dawning with a spectral mist hanging over the fields. As we watch all the beautiful changes taking place in nature, we are reminded that the only constant is change. We may feel a little nostalgic for autumns gone by and the people who mean so much to us. Here at Blue Mountain we have cards to honor those significant relationships and celebrate all the fun holidays in October.

Because we like autumn so much, we created a card to wish everyone a Happy Falloween. You’ll find a new postcard for Columbus Day and new eCards for Boss’s Day and Sweetest Day.  When you visit our Halloween collection, you’ll discover some extra special treats—eCards with music you’re sure to recognize, including the themes from the Andy Griffith Show and Bewitched. What better time to let your friends and family know you are thinking of them? And no matter how busy you get, remember to make some time for yourself to pause and watch the leaves turning.

Caroline Leech, Senior Editor





Saturday, October 20, is the Sweetest Day of the Year!

It was 1922 and a committee of 12 confectioners in Cleveland, Ohio, distributed 20,000 boxes of candy to “newsboys, orphans, old folks, and the poor,” according to the Cleveland Plain Dealer on October 8th of that year. Some of the biggest movie stars of the day, including Theda Bara, were on hand to help with the distribution. Through the years, other large candy distributions were made to local charities and “The Sweetest Day of the Year” became an annual affair. To read more about the origins of this holiday and to see some really great recipes, simply click on this link:


You can share in the happiness of the day by sending the above “You Make Me Smile” ecard, available from Blue Mountain. It’s just one of many Sweetest Day ecards and postcards that can help you send a little sweetness someone’s way!