Your August Birthday–You Lead the Way!

You may be as creative and innovative as Martha Stewart, as persistent and strong as Magic Johnson, and as talented as Dustin Hoffman, all of whom share your August birthday month.  The truth is you are a born leader and whatever you choose to do in life, you have what it takes to achieve it.  Your aspirations come from deep within you, challenging you, and giving you the courage to try again and again to follow your heart and meet the goals you set for yourself.  You persist when life hands you a curve and you find a new approach when an old one no longer works well.  You serve as an example to others simply by the way you live your life.

Your friends find you to be open and honest, positive and generous.  They love to hear your ideas and sit with you over coffee  to discuss the strange and wonderful nuances of life.  You’re one of the people they go to, when they can’t come up with a new plan for themselves.  You always know how to open doors and lead the way.

The August zodiac symbol of a lion associated with guarding and guiding others, is not lost on you.  You’re a ferocious advocate of the things you believe in and a staunch protector of the people you love.  You always put your best foot forward and move quickly and carefully to make changes for the good of others.

Your birthstone is a rich and elegant spring green gem known as a Peridot.  In ancient legends, it was often thought to be a symbol of strength and a mysterious force of nature exhibited in powerful people.  The gladiolus, in an array of vibrant colors is your birth flower, signifying a sincere heart and a strong character.   Yes, you were born in the month of those who respect all of life, who are out-going  and happy, and who offer a strong legacy to the world.  You’re a force to be reckoned with and it’s a great joy to celebrate your birthday.

If you know anyone else who is celebrating a summer birthday, why not share some of your sunny, out-going attitude with them by sending or posting a day-brightening birthday ecard!