Spring Cleaning for the Soul

Don’t you love it when that first blush of spring comes and the air is just warm enough to open the windows and let in the sunshine? It revitalizes your energy, makes your house feel brand new and gives you an instant connection to the great outdoors.  If you think about it, it does something else too. It refreshes your spirit in a way that makes dreams seem alive and possible again.

It’s spring…and it’s not just spring inside your castle.  It’s time to do a little spring cleaning inside your heart and mind as well.  Oh sure, you can wait for your prince charming to show up and take you away from that musty palace, but the truth is, you’re free to do it any time you want to, all by yourself.  Try a little spring cleaning on your soul.

If you want your hair to shine, you brush it, frequently and often.  When you do your hair has luster and beauty.  When you want your house to shine, you wash windows and dust the blinds; you mop the floors and sweep up the cobwebs.  When you do, the house is warm and inviting and the sun shines through it again!

If you want your soul to shine and your face to radiate, you do it in a similar way.  Here are some ideas to get you started.

Take a good broom and sweep out the cobwebs of old, outdated, and seldom used ideas that no longer work for you.  If you’ve allowed a past injury of the heart to weave its tendrils through your mind so that it uncurls when you least expect it, you need to sweep it away!  Bundle it up, tie a chord around it and send it packing.  You don’t need it anymore.

You may also want to air out feelings you’ve been spinning and replaying in your mind, but haven’t expressed yet.  You know the ones where you buried your heart down to your toes and no one seems to feel the pain but you.  Well, that’s because it’s your own personal injury box and you dust it too often.  Just throw it out and try this!  Stand in front of the mirror, voice the painful thought aloud, remind yourself that it is simply a cobweb of days gone by and let it go.  Don’t ever let it back in.  You need the space in your head for good things, for happier things.  You’ll be surprised how much lighter and brighter you feel.

Now that you’ve cleaned up a bit, give yourself a little reward for the work you’ve done.  Imagine a big bouquet of roses sitting on the table of the nicely polished, totally free of cobwebs space that is in your head.  Oh, and buy yourself a beautiful rose just because you deserve it.

Spring cleaning feels good.  Your home and your heart both shine.  The windows of your soul are ready to open!

Just breathe in that fresh air!  Ah…it is fabulous!


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