Planning Ahead for Christmas!

Let the Countdown Begin…

It’s just one month away from that holly, jolly Christmas celebration and if you’re wondering how you’ll get everything done, just check out the suggestions below. With
a little planning ahead for christmas, organization and a few tips you could easily get ahead of the game. Here we go…

  • Update your email list and address book so you’ll be ready to send your ecards and Christmas cards a bit earlier this year. Of course you can find a wonderful assortment of Christmas ecards at and if you prefer sending cards the traditional way, you can choose and personalize your favorites from
    the Print at Home section!
  • A good rule of thumb for making sure gifts get to their destinations in time is to send 12–15 days in advance. So shop early and take advantage of some of the great deals you can find today!
  • Of course Black Friday has come and gone but you can always take advantage of the incredible price reductions and bargains online on Cyber Monday (11.26.12)! You can shop in your pajamas, avoid the long lines and sip coffee as you browse! Check out the following link– to see some
    of your favorite stores like Best Buy, Macy’s,
    and Target and what they’re offering Christmas shoppers.
  • If you wrap your gifts as you buy them, the job will go a lot smoother as the seasonal crunch begins. Add a sticky note to the wrapped box to remind yourself of what’s inside and who the gift is for. Then just add bows and tags right before Christmas or before shipping so your gifts are fresh and beautiful on delivery.
  • Last year’s Christmas wraps and cards are perfect for recycling…they make great tags, bookmarks, decorations for gift boxes and more. Click here for some more great ideas!
  • Consider an early gathering with friends to swap some of your Christmas decorations so you each have new items to work with as you decorate your homes.
  • Do a Christmas cookie swap get-together, so you can have a variety of cookies without having to bake several different kinds yourself.

Whatever you do to make Christmas fun and festive, make sure you take a little time for yourself. A little hot chocolate or eggnog sipping to go along with those cookies is always a good thing! Can you pass the nutmeg please?