Oil Spill Response Team

We present to you the “Blue Mountain Oil Spill Response Team” !

We asked each team member 3 questions:

  1. Why did you get involved with the oil spill response project?
  2. What is your Christmas wish for the city of Bayou La Batre, Alabama?
  3. What’s your favorite thing to do at Christmas/the Holidays?


I’m Patty Price and I’m from Strongsville, Ohio.

Why?: There are many, many reasons I became involved with the oil spill response project.  I always wanted to make a positive impact in the world somehow, and this is definitely my biggest opportunity yet!

Your wish?: My Christmas wish for Bayou La Batre is that they see many things positive come from something so negative – and in hoping that our help is not the first or the last of those.

Favorite Christmas activity?: My favorite thing to do at Christmas is sit around the kitchen table with my family and eat an amazing home cooked brunch.


I work in the Marketing Department here at and I enjoy practicing yoga, trying new and fun restaurants, and spending lots of time with friends and family.

Why?: I got involved simply because I wanted to help the families affected by the oil spill. The Gulf Oil Spill has affected, and will continue to affect, so many families and businesses and I’m so happy to be part of the oil spill response project.

Your wish?: I wish for Happiness and lots of smiles!

Favorite Christmas activity?: I love to make homemade pasta with my family (and then eat lots of it of course!)


I’m a native of Chicago and a lover of people…and a hater of oil! (just kidding)

Why?: The oil spill was a true tragedy for the Gulf Coast and the surrounding regions. When presented with the opportunity to go and possibly make a difference, possibly put on a smile on someone’s face, I couldn’t refuse.

Your wish?: My wish for the city is continued growth, progress, and prosperity. I wish they become an even stronger city than they were before the tragedy.

Favorite Christmas activity?: My favorite part of the Holidays is spending time with family. I don’t get to see them often, so anytime together is a great time.


I’m a web developer at American Greetings. In my spare time, I ensure far off planets have the benefit of stuffed animals and waffles.

Why?: Several months back, the notion of wanting to reach out hit me like lightning on the way to work. I felt it so strongly that I had to put the idea out there.

Your wish?: My wish is that Bayou La Batre knows there are people who care, and that they’re not alone… and that people are willing to extend a hand.

Favorite Christmas activity?: I love watching the snow fall at night with nothing but Christmas lights or candles lighting the room. I also love the Christmas Eve candlelight service. Setting up and then karate kicking snowmen is pretty cool  too.


Penny is a nature photographer from Tennessee who enjoys taking photos in the great outdoors and playing soccer.

Why?: Volunteering is in my blood and making a difference feeds the soul. I’m a big believer that giving is far more rewarding than receiving. I really appreciate the opportunity to help those affected by the oil tragedy directly.

Your wish?: I wish that after this terrible tragedy, despite all obstacles, the members of the community continue to keep the spirit of Christmas in their hearts all year long.

Favorite Christmas activity?: I really enjoy the light displays around town with my family and of course eat lots of Southern cooking.


I’m a programmer, amateur music producer/rapper who enjoys being a Geek.

Why?: I want to help others. If everyone lived to help others then the world would be a better place.

Your wish?: Hope, Peace, and Prosperity.

Favorite Christmas activity?: I love finding something worthy (of being given this life to live) to do.… last year I adopted a cat from the local animal shelter.


I am a father, husband, and outdoorsman.

Why?: I got involved because I’m an environmentalist and a humanitarian.

Your wish?: In addition to a speedy economic recovery, the events of this year create a previously unforeseen opportunity for prosperity for the people of Bayou La Batre and the Gulf Coast.

Favorite Christmas activity?: Volunteering.


I’m a 25 year old Marketing Interactive Coordinator. When I’m not at work, I enjoy my time the most when spent with family and close friends.

Why?: I got involved with the oil spill response project, because knowing I could help make someone else feel better is very rewarding.

Your wish?: My Christmas wish for the city is for them not to feel any less fortunate because of the devastating oil spill that occurred.

Favorite Christmas activity?: My favorite thing to do during the holiday/Christmas season is to spend a lot of time with family, eat a lot and listen to tons of Christmas music!


A native Blue Ridge Mountaineer; I enjoy rock climbing, snow boarding and anything outdoors… I enjoy dancing and singing and being super random and goofy with my family and friends.

Why?: I got involved because I couldn’t sit back and watch another disaster occur on the coast and not at least try to do something to help out.

Your wish?: My Christmas wish for Bayou La Batre is that Christmas occurs in their spirits not just their living rooms this year.  They’ve been through so much; my wish is for fulfillment, peace and hope of a prosperous future.

Favorite Christmas activity?: My favorite thing to do at the holidays is bake cookies and listen to Christmas music on snowy days.



Chili Cook off Fundraiser to Support Gulf Oil Spill Response

The BlueMountain Oil Spill Response team hosted another successful fundraiser!  Participants in the Chili Cook off were invited to bring a pot of chili made from their favorite recipe for a chance to win some great prizes donated by local restaurants.

Oil spill response chili cook off fundraiser photos

Oil spill response chili cook off fundraiser photos

There were 25 participants with homemade chili recipes that included ingredients ranging from traditional classics like chili peppers to wild additions like venison and pineapples! There was even an apple dessert that came with ice cream (which was a great way to cool down after sampling 25 chilies ranging from mild to very hot)!

Guests and eager samplers were able to test each for a donation, and the fundraiser wound up raising almost $700 to add to the Oil Spill Response team budget!  Thank you so much to all our participants and guests, it wouldn’t have been so successful without you!

To view photos from this event and other fundraisers, check out our photo channel. Or visit our YouTube channel to see videos!



Cornhole Fundraiser to Support the Gulf Oil Spill

Members of the Blue Mountain Cares Team recently hosted a Cornhole Tournament to raise money for their Oil Spill Response initiative. The support from everyone at the Blue Mountain office was tremendous! Over 40 people (that’s 20 cornhole teams) came out and competed for some pretty awesome gifts and, of course, the ultimate prize – bragging rights! For those of you who are unfamiliar with the sport (as it was very new to me when I joined the Blue Mountain family), take a look at the pictures below. They give a great illustration of how much fun this game really is:


For more information about the Oil Spill Response initiative, read here.



Introducing the Oil Spill Response

It all started with the news of the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.  About ten of us from started talking about how we could get involved to help the people, the animals, the clean-up effort, or in any way we could.  We explored a number of  options, but ran into several roadblocks –helping the animals requires a license and helping to clean up would take away even more jobs from the communities affected by the disaster.  So the team decided to fly to Alabama to offer encouragement and support to affected families there.  The Oil Spill Response Team will be in Alabama the first weekend of December to spread some holiday cheer.  We will be posting updates, photos, and even video from our fund raising to our final trip.  So stay tuned to hear all the details!

Meet Stephanie Kinder (right) & Patty Price (left) from the Oil Spill Response team.  They are members of the Marketing Department, and talk a little about the start of the oil spill response team effort in this informal interview:

Do you know someone affected by the devastation in the Gulf?  They’d probably love to hear from you.  One way you can show your concern is by sending them well wishes with a BlueMountain eCard.