Celebrating Memorial Day!









Summer is in the air, picnic baskets are brimming with grandma’s favorite secret recipes and the Memorial Day celebration is at hand.  Memorial Day reminds us about the price of freedom and those who serve us even today around the world.  It’s also a chance to remember all the loved ones who have gone before us and who still hold a tender place in our hearts.

This day of remembrance, once known as Decoration Day, was begun back in 1868 to honor those who had died in the American Civil War.  It was determined then that it was important for us to never forget the cost of being a country divided.

In 1966 Lyndon Johnson declared Waterloo, New York the official birthplace of Memorial Day because the townspeople there made it special.  They prepared picnics on the square and got together as neighbors and friends.  They celebrated the joys of life in the midst of prevailing memories.   In 1971, we finally made Memorial Day a national holiday, one to be honored and respected.

So this year, as we approach the unofficial beginning of summer, the day when you can wear white without batting an eye, and fill your picnic basket full of temptations, let’s remember those who served us and gave us further opportunities for peace and pleasures.  Let’s bake our favorite dishes and barbecue with friends, send an eCard or two and remind people we care.

After all, the recipes for happiness are best when served with love, shared with joy, and handed down, like peace and freedom, from one generation to the next.

Now dig out that picnic basket and make some new memories! Try posting a Memorial Day postcard or Memorial Day eCard on a friend’s facebook wall, or even your own.