Life Is a Happy Dance!

John Calvin, the great theologian, thought there wasn’t a blade of grass or a color of blue sky or of rich brown earth that wasn’t intended to bring us joy.  Most of us love the blue sky days where everything is filled with incredible harmony and peace.  We cast our bread on the waters and wait expectantly to put out our nets to see what we might catch.  No matter what it is, we are prepared for the joy it will bring.

You may think you could buy into this joy business, but you’re not so sure about that whole “happy dance” thing.  After all, reality would say otherwise for much of the world.  So how do you create more joy?

One approach is to get busy doing something that makes you happy.  Be intentional.  Be creative!  If you love the way fresh cookies smell coming straight from the oven, make some. If you don’t want to eat them all yourself, spread the joy and give some to your neighbors.  If you love the way the wind blows through your hair giving you a fresh scent of flowers and trees and earthiness, then get outside and embrace the day.

After you’ve done something just for yourself, then become the joy for someone else.  Help your neighbor pull the garden weeds or plant some flowers.  Surprise your friend with a simple note or ecard just to say you’re thinking about them.  Taking the opportunity to lift the spirits of another person is always a joy bringer.  Pay an unexpected visit to a shut-in or call your mom or an old friend for no reason at all except to enjoy the time to chat.  Do something good for yourself and it will usually spill over onto someone else.  They’ll see the light in your eyes, the smile on your face and the generous spirit you exude and their day will be better too…all because they spent some happy moments with you.

It’s such a great day!  Is there anything stopping you from spreading just a little more  joy wherever you go?  As you walk down the street where you live, do a little happy dance and be filled with new found joy!